01 March 2007

Pounding The Spud

Because some of you, I’m sure, have been waiting for it.... (Perhaps not entirely SFW, and worse, requires Quicktime.)

Say what you will, it at least looks more convincing than 300.


nic said...

wow...that's definitely not a Veggie Tales production! It was surprisingly suspenseful -I'm still going to see 300 though.

Dr J said...

300 looks to me like Troy and Alexander: all CGI nonsense, with more people on a single battlefield than human history allows. Or maybe I'm just a stickler. Who knows.

You have to love the sounds Jocasta Tomato makes during her tuberific seduction. Just think; Oediups coulda had a V-8!

nic said...

Oh, I like that –Jocasta Tomato. It’ll be hard to think of her as Jocasta, Queen of Thebes from now on.

You’re right 300 is all CGI nonsense, the filmmakers have been very candid about that. I’m curious to see if their visual experimenting is successful –it was the mention of Peckinpah’s influence in this article that intrigued me.

Dr J said...

Peckinpah & Kurosawa-- cool. Maybe I'm just jaded by the unmitigated awfulness of the recent Hollywood epics.

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