09 April 2007

Smokin' Asses

BogartSometimes it's hard to tell where rabid Puritanism ends and outright stupidity begins. Sometimes, however, they're joined at the bloody hip. I can't wait for the MPAA to justify slapping Casablanca with a hard-R--- and, well, just about every movie made before the Age of Rectitude.

(This blog will also refrain from noting that It Happened One Night would eventually receive the same rating as Hostel, Saw and The Devil's Rejects. Or maybe it won't. )


nic said...

They're just making the ratings more and more meaningless. I will say this though, the hardest thing for me after quitting was watching any movies with smoking. I watched No Direction Home this weekend and was almost shaking during the footage of Bob chain smoking during interviews!

btw, nice label :)

Dr J said...

Have a feeling that label's going to get LOTS of use around here. ;-)

Still haven't seen No Direction Home. I really should.

I recommend This Film Is Not Yet Rated for a little peek into the in(s)anity that is the MPAA. "Meaningless" would then be the kindest thing you could say about their silly ratings.

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