06 April 2007

I'm Your Fan

Found some old pictures today, ones I frankly forgot existed. This one below is of Bandit, our alas departed chien. He used to use, in the (ahem) dog-days of summer, the base of the fan as a headrest. Dogs, unlike humans, can still be cute when they're old.

Aren't ya glad it's not another cat picture?


j said...

prefer dogs to cats :p

btw, anyone heard about the good friday sermon?!

j said...

P.S. the era of the woman part was fine but that compassion and assertiveness cannot gel is *bleep*

nic said...

I'm sure the women fighting for the right to become ordained priests did not appreciate it! I notice that the sermon is focused on encouraging modern Christian women to emulate those ancient pious women... I guess modern Christian men are covered, no need to give them compassion training. Chuck Norris must be so happy right now.

Bandit looks like a sweetheart. The best dogs are those loyal, lazy, best friend types -can't stand little yappy ones.

Dr J said...

Didn't hear anything about the Good Friday sermon, but I suspect it's most the same ole same ole. I'm an agnostic Anglican, which means I have a hard time believing my disbelief. Or disbelieving my belief. Believe it or not.

I love dogs & cats-- and animals generally; "J*** and his animals," as an ex used to say. Bandit was very much a sweetheart, a "people dog," as the saying goes. In his last years, as he got increasingly frail, it was positively heart-melting to watch Trouble dote on him. (Trouble has a soft spot for elderly animals. It's his only one.) Things that make you go Awwwww....

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