24 April 2007

Once More Unto The Well, Once More

Didn't this appropriately-URLed blog already rant about such despicable cynicism? And only two months ago, no less. Pffft.

Notes for the less-familiar: Tracks collected here are mainly from albums from 1993-present, some good ("Days Like This," "Steal My Heart Away," "Crazy Love"), some bad ("Too Long In Exile," "Georgia On My Mind," the torpid "When The Leaves Come Falling Down"), and only a few excellent ("Ancient Highway," "Shenandoah," the epic, electric and righteously-asskicking "Lonely Avenue"). The album's hardly necessary and inexplicably selected, with no real insight offered by the compilation, as the songs are merely presented in chronological order. To rewrite a certain urban phrase, it seems this damn Van's gonna get ridden 'til the mutherfuckin' wheels fall off.

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