04 April 2007

The Horror, The Horror...

And RB wonders why I keep a rusty fork handy.... *shiver*
Next up: Neil Young's "My Hips Don't Lie."


sylvia said...


::sporks self in left eye::

Pious Labours said...

I know it is meant to be a parody, but even as as such it is weak and just as annoying as the original.

And no, J, that's not what I meant by Death metal :) If you think that is, we gotta talk! :)

nic said...

i don't understand, and i'm scared.

Dr J said...

RB (he says, putting on his best Dan Aykroyd), you ignorant slut: I do know what Death Metal is. Mind you, Alanis here qualifies as Death Silicone. ;-)

As for understanding and sporking: just goes to show that Alanis (forget the last name: most of us are stuck remembering her as a one-named frightfulness) has the comic timing of Karl Rove. She could turn "Pretty Fly For A White Guy" into a dirge.

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