03 April 2007

The Prank On File

Some of you might find these videos amusing. Reminds me that when I was an undergradling, a female friend of mine decided to get my roommate back for something he had done. Being the twit that he was, I agreed to abet in the plan, which mostly consisted of letting said friend borrow my key to the room whilst I kept him occupied. Naughty lass had apparently collected a stack of even naughtier magazines, from which she clipped all of the, ahem, protruding parts. She then hid the clippings anywhere and everywhere she could: in drawers, in clothes, in books, in his bed, everywhere. Months later, he was still finding dismembered members-- though inserting so many into a book on Gandhi probably wasn't such a good idea.


RK said...

What's wrong with remembering Gandhi?

Dr J said...

Nothing-- but Gandhi would never have had that much beef in him.

j said...

so did your mate have a sudden aversion to nether parts? are you sure that girl wasn't related to the bobitts?!

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