24 April 2007

Scatman Druthers, or Out Of The Cradle Endlessly Plopping

For your, er, delectation: Laudator Temporis Acti spoons-- er, ladels-- out a bit of shining wit. (A crusty trap, or just a plain dropping?)

And remember: The world's most famous anagram of toilets is T. S. Eliot. The waste land, indeed.

FOLLOWUP: I wonder if Sylvia will recall this from our Foundling days. If she's lucky, not.... ;-)


sylvia said...


Yes, I remember :^P. Imagine what C-House must be like now, given the limitless possibilities of wireless Internet, iTunes, and Sega Dreamcast...

j said...

has that list appeared in all toilets in all campuses or what? a very similar list was on the wall of a claustrophobia inducing bathroom at a friend's campus housing right along with the 'don't drink the water' warning on the tap

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