04 November 2006

Topsy-Turvy, or London's Airy Dare

    I received today a notice for a conference at the University of London called "Antisemitism and England."  If any of you out there somehow remain uncertain as to why I have become cynical about academia, let me simply offer these "questions to be addressed" to testify in that regard:
To what extent have the terms 'antisemitism' and 'Englishness' become redundant?

How much use do they retain?
Rather "leading the witness," don't you think?  Alas, such "questions" are rigorously de rigeur these days.  And to think, I wasted so many years studying Antisemite language and literature....    And Hitler?  One assumes now that (rouse the chorus please!) now it's greatly to his credit / that he IS an Englishman!

    Pettifogging with a parody of
PinaforeBut of course.  I was, after all, born sneering. 

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