16 November 2006

Tell The Rambler, The Gambler, The Back-Biter

    For those of you still to see it, there's a new Johnny Cash video out.  (You didn't think death would stop the Cash machine, did you?  He's just gone spectral.)  Of course every celebrity and mock-celebrity with a free minute tried to inch his or her way into this one, so the roster includes Iggy Pop, Patti Smith, Dennis Hopper, Keith Richards, Johnny Depp, Graham Nash and Kris Kristofferson, an astonishing number of whom have been perilously close to being cut down for ages.  It's not a bad video, all considered, but Cash's voice is downright spooky.  You can watch it below and play your own game of spot-the-star, or follow this link to watch it in full-screen mode.

Seeing Bono in that video, I'm reminded of Johnny's contribution to the otherwise dreadful Zooropa album so many years ago.  You can hear the song by following this link, though I recommend closing your eyes as the video plays.  Johnny going out with a Bible and a gun just doesn't correspond with Final Fantasy, no matter how you slice it (or shoot it, one gathers).  After those tunes, though, you might want a giggle or two.  

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