24 November 2006

Country Matters, Part Deux

    Providing this article is to be trusted, the following ought to be considered significant, with my own emphasis added:
The Prime Minister's original instinct had been to stay out of that particular fray.  But as the debate took on new life under the impetus of the Liberal leadership campaign this fall, that preferred option became less and less realistic.

It also became increasingly apparent that if he had to step in, Harper would choose his Quebec future over his Reform Party past.
"Had to" I'd still strongly dispute.  In fact, I'd argue, strenuously and with Neo-Conic fervour, that he should have listened to his original instinct.  (See the exchange entre RK and Yours Not-So-Truly.)  Then again, I shouldn't say much.  Most of my biggest mistakes have resulted from distrusting my instincts, so I'm probably in kettle-pot territory.  But someone-- someone, anyone!-- should have told the PM not to succumb to the Liberal version of reality.  Or, at least, that there are no winners in suicide pacts. 

    FOLLOW-UP:  Key quote from this piece, courtesy Marjory LeBreton: "You can never go wrong when you do the right thing." The appropriate response, as most of us know all-too-well, would have been, "Oh, yes you can, you most definitely can."   (Hence not only the word "martyr," but every damned book Graham Greene ever wrote. And Henry James and John le Carré and that Spanish guy they call Cervantes.... )

    FOLLOW-UP-FOLLOW-UP:   You know things are wonky when I'm agreeing with Warren Kinsella and Andrew Coyne-- and both of them seem to be looking to Bob Rae (wtf?!?!?) for leadership. Welcome to the Bizarro-world of the common cause.   Perhaps Mr Harper should contact Mr Harper....

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