11 November 2006

Believe It Or Not

    Alas, I'd rather not.  Sad that; even when he was hissing his way through material beneath him, he was always peculiarly watchable.  Few actors have ever been able to upstage ("up-screen"?) Jack Nicholson, but Palance is one of the handful that did.  His scene-chewing bits in Batman are still more firmly fixed in my memory than Nicholson's supposed tour-de-force.  It may be time to watch Shane again.

    FOLLOW-UP:  Just read someone describing Mr Palance as "Chuck Norris before Chuck Norris was Chuck Norris."  Really, he was Christopher Walken--- and he HAD more cowbell. 

    AFTER-THOUGHT:  Alternate answer to above:  He was also Harvey Keitel, without (mercifully) the nudity. 

    AFTER-AFTER-THOUGHT:  A movie they should have made:  Palance and Lawrence Tierney as aging gangsters trying to finish each other off.  Now that I would have paid handsomely to see.

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