21 November 2006

Abrading Grace

    Word to writers:  Make sure you don't muck up the very first freakin' word of your article.     
    As for the subject of the suit, let's simply say this Torquemadan wannabe deserves it.  If there is a such a thing as poetic justice, the court will find against her before even a scrap of evidence is presented. 


nic said...

I'm so paranoid about apostrophes, every time I send an email now I start to panic that I used one where I shouldn’t have. Yesterday, I had to look up "let's" to make sure I had used it properly for "let us". Oh crap, shouldn’t –I have to go look this up now...

Dr J said...

Better paranoid than oblivious, methinks. ;-) And, fret not: shouldn't was right.

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