14 November 2006

The Story Of The Hurricane

    There's a reason they call her "Hurricane Hazel."

    To put this in a kind of context, the Not-So-Good Doctor was five when she first took the Mayor's office. Yup: five.

    Video hadn't killed the radio star yet.

    Dallas was just getting started.

   The breakout movie-stars that year were Christopher Reeve and John Belushi, and people were still listening, without even an ounce of shame, to The Bee Gees, The Commodores, Debby Boone and--- Gawd help me--- Anne Murray.

    People actually used the word "boogie" without sneering, and irony hadn't yet settled in as a permanent cultural condition, thus explaining most of the sartorial horrors of the time.

    John Travolta was only on his first incarnation, still to prove Ovid didn't know the half of this mutatis mutandis thing after all.

    The Shah was still in charge in Iran, and the White House was being run by a peanut-farmer from Georgia.

    And, well, this guy was just glad to have his driver's license back.

    If all that doesn't warp your minds, consider this: most of you reading this blog hadn't even been imagined yet, much less conceived.

    And some people wonder why she's regularly described as a force of nature. The more things change....

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