16 November 2006

Tidying Things Up A Bit

    Well, it took me long enough, but I have finally got around to making some minor changes to this blog.  Specifically, there's now an RSS feed you can add to your news-readers, as well as the function that will allow you, should you inexplicably feel the urge, to email posts to whomever you like (or dislike, as the case may be). 
    Most significantly, however, you'll notice I've switched the comment-handling from Enetation to Blogger.  For now at least, I'm leaving the comments open so you can post immediately and even anonymously; hopefully spam-bots won't compel me to change this.  I have also retained the comments from Enetation for archival reasons, so you should be able to read what has already been written, but the option won't be there to use for future posts.  This phasing-out may make things a little confusing or unsightly for a while, but not, I pray, for too long.  We'll see how it all goes. 
    And, yes, in case you're wondering, this blog DOES progress only at a snail's pace.  Sluggish is as sluggish does. 

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