07 May 2007

A Mangled Web

Saw Spider-Man 3 this weekend. I could bother with a review, but it's just not worth the words. Summary? A clumsy, jumbled, battle-royal of a movie that seems very much to have been written by a committee of sixteen year-olds; and, ultimately, a real letdown for an otherwise solid series. Only saving graces: some fairly good CGI, and Rosemary Harris, back again as Aunt May and more radiant at 80 than any of her co-stars. A shame she didn't have more scenes. See Anthony Lane's review from The New Yorker for fuller commentary. He pretty much says it all.

Oh, and as you've probably heard: Kirsten Dunst sings-- badly. Is it just me, or does that lass get worse from one movie to another? A mighty feat, I know, but she makes me think "vapider" should be added to the OED.

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j said...

you probably didn't see dunst in other movies, or you would have known about her "singing abilities" or lack thereof .

nervous about the last of "pirates of the caribbean"- sequels always seem a bad idea, being a kid of the '80s, prefer johnny depp to tobey mcguire ;p

as for old being better, well, shrubby thought so too and almost made the queen 200 years older!

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