21 January 2007

Where It All Began

    For my Canadian readers, tonight at 8 the CBC is airing its adaptation of the Margaret Atwood novel The Robber Bride, starring Mary-Louise Parker.  Much as I'm reluctant to endorse anything connected to Ms Atwood, the film does (should, anyway) afford the opportunity to glimpse one of the Not-So-Good Doctor's local watering holes, providing the scene or scenes shot there didn't land with an enormous thud on the cutting-room floor.  Actually, a few of my readers may recognize it, too, after their own tipsy experiences there, which may or may not have ended with lullabies, rooftop dancing or *cough cough  * Other Stuff.  Those of you that haven't been there can at least see the place of most of the Not-So-Good Doctor's blotto experiences--- and, in fact, the place which first bestowed YT with the (albeit unoriginal) moniker "Doctor J." 

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