20 January 2007

Just Givin' It Away

    Just a brief note here, as I have to catch up on email today and tend to other items silly and bizarre demanding my attention.  As some of you may have noticed, I've added a ticker for the website Giveawayoftheday.com, because it offers some neat little commercial applications, registered et al, for free for those that (you guessed it) download them on the day they're being made available.  Today's programme is Crystal Player, which is a pretty damned good little media viewer: versatile and smooth, it does all of the stuff (and then some) that Windows MP does, with none of the exasperation, intrusiveness or knuckle-dragging slowness.  It's definitely worth the minute to download if you're running some version of Windows. 
    Perhaps more later if time & energy allow. 

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