21 January 2007

Spamalot Redux

    Just discovered some non-spam emails headed round here have been getting unceremoniously dumped into my spam folder, which means that (agh!) even more of you may be waiting for responses from the Ever-So-Rotten McDoctor.  My apologies; so much for ever getting caught up on anything. 
    Been, beyond tending to minor aggravations unworthy of report, going through Kurosawa again, particularly Yojimbo, Sanjuro and Kagemusha.  One, I'm sure, can never watch too many samurai pictures, much less Kurosawa ones.  As I write this, Hitchcock's North by Northwest is playing in the background, with that brilliant score of Bernard Hermann's issuing vibrations everywhere.  It remains a staggeringly good movie, perfectly cast, and a marvel of comic timing.  All of us should age so well. 

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