27 January 2007

A Rare Vindication

Maher Arar    Every now and then, a government does something right.   Or, at least one government does. 

    Let's hope--- against hope, probably--- that Mr Arar's vindication proves merely the first formal disputation of the sickening policy of rendition.  Let's hope, too, it cautions people against flip and insidious allegation; the ease with which you accuse should always be directly proportional to what you're willing to pay if you're proven wrong. 

    Frankly, I think the Canadian government is getting off easily here, and that Mr Arar might well consider making an application to the World Court in Den Hague, even if the Bushies likely wouldn't recognise its decision.  It'd serve at least to illustrate their extraordinary disdain for international law.

    Worth singling out from The Star article: 
    "Canada fully understands, appreciates and shares the United States' concerns about security," said Harper. "However, this government – the government of Canada – has every right to go to bat for one of its citizens when the government believes a Canadian is being unfairly treated by another country."
Normally, this would cause Captain Obvious to roll his eyes to the tune of "No shit, Sherlock."  These days, though, there's a  peculiar comfort to it. 

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sylvia said...

Indeed. I no longer take any decent, menschliche behaviour on the part of Our (Wo)Men in Ottawa for granted.

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