22 January 2007

It's A French Sign Of Loathing

    Some amusing bits herein.  Reminds me of the days when I deigned to date (well, kinda-sorta) and would incur the ire appropriate for my flippancy.  Remember getting, as they say, in Right Royal Shit after making the mistake of entering a bathroom immediately after my then-involvement had used it.  "Hey!" she said, eyeing my response to the unnatural waft.  "My Gawd," I said, "Coventry should have been so well evacuated!" 
    As you can imagine, I spent most of the rest of the night apologizing--- less for the remark, than for observing that, yes, women are capable of noxious emanations, too.  Of course, I was wrong about that.  Oh so wrong.  Women issue nothing but the sweetest odours.  All the perfumes of Arabia....

1 comment:

nic said...

nice, a man who understands that women need to save their money for unicorn rides.

oh no, Dr. J! A woman can take that comment from anyone except the guy she's sleeping with (or was sleeping with prior to the comment), it pretty much kills any romance.

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