13 December 2006

In Perfect Harmony....

    It seems Zelda has tagged me with a meme to name 5 songs that represent how I feel right now, including one Christmas song.   I should reject this out of hand for insisting on a Christmas tune, but it's Zelda, so here goes, assuming the added level of difficulty of not citing anything by Bob Dylan, Van Morrison or Leonard Cohen:
  1. Ray Charles, "Baby, It's Cold Outside" (there, that gets the Xmas selection out of the way); alternate answer, Three Dog Night, "Joy To The World"
  2. John Lee Hooker, "Chill Out (Things Gonna Change)"
  3. Frank Sinatra, "That's Life"
  4. Stevie Nicks, "Sometimes It's A Bitch"
  5. The Band, "It Makes No Difference"; alternate answer, "The Weight"
Ah, not an especially ecstatic list, but then again 'tis the season.  M'kay, let's tag RB; I'm sure he needs something to do. 


zelda said...

yay! thanks!

I just dropped off my diss to the whole committee. I really hope they're happy with it. I just want to defend! eeeee!

Dr J said...

*fingers crossed for ya, kiddo*

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