14 December 2006

And Always, Twirling, Twirling, TWIRLING!

    Just in case you were jonesing for more angstrionic whingeing, it seems the diva of vapid-fire dialogue, that whirling dervish of allusive verbal diarrhea, is about to spin again.  Prepare to be dazzled by the dizzying display of dottily drivelsome damseltude!    Delight!  Delectate in the demi-grandiloquent dippiness!  The delicate debuDantescan drollery!  The delirious directionlessness!    The tediously dainty, dimply, Dopaminic digressiveness of it all!  I'm dillying!  I'm dallying!  I'm depressurizing!  Whee!!!!
    Whoa.... Damn, I'm getting ditzy just thinking about it....  Excuse me a moment while I throw up and grow my Y-chromosome back....

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