25 December 2006

Doin' It To Death

The Godfather of Soul, The Hardest Working Man In Showbusiness, The King of Monikers    I never really thought I'd had to write this post.  More later on this very, very sad event, but it seems you can now count the genuine titans of modern music on one hand.  If you don't already own in, buy Startime! when you raid the stores, and we know you will, on Boxing Day.  Until then, take in Wikipedia's lengthy bio of the man, which even still only provides a broad summary of his astonishing legacy and impact.  The man practically invented funk, revolutionized R&B, and made the modern concert into the kinetic, mercurial marathon it now so often is.  And, breathtakingly, he was still a better dancer in his seventies than most are in their twenties.  A titan, a bad-ass stand-on-the-scene outta-sight muthafuckin' Titan. 
    But today's about celebrating a famous and even inspirational birth.  Let's do that now.  Happy Humphrey's Day, Happy Humphrey's Day everyone.
    Now I gotta get ready to act as a jungle jim for little ones.  Merry, well, you know....

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zelda said...

Happy New Year!

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