12 December 2006

Every Man and His Humour

    Something tells me Christopher Hitchens' pipeline of hate-mail has finally dried up.  I suspect, however, this piece should renew his supply. 

    Nice to see at least that Hitchens hasn't sacrificed verbal elan for the sake of political correctness; I imagine more than a few columnists are sorting out their indignation to respond to phrases like "bless their tender hearts" and "cunning minxes that they are." 

    Key quote:  "For men, it is a tragedy that the two things they prize the most—women and humor—should be so antithetical.  But without tragedy there could be no comedy."  True enough, that. 


RK said...

Clever, if far too long. I did not know the Nietzsche quotation, but I will remember it forever: 'A witticism is the epitaph on the death of a feeling.' Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.

Dr J said...

Would have to look it up, but my admittedly addled brain recalls it as a poem being the epitaph. I do know the line was adapted by Mr Eliot ("ever poem an epitaph") in FQ.

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