09 September 2005

Stuff That Bloggers The Mind

      As many of you know, I considered dumping the increasingly problematic Enetation for handling the comments around here.   On this subject, I've hummed and hawed with Hamlet-like uncertainty.   No more.   Yesterday, I did the initial work of setting up a blog for my Film and Lit class this year, and within ten minutes of the first (trial) post there, two comments had been left, entirely Spam and boding badly for how easily things could become a giant pain in the Doc's barely-existent arse.   So, that blog, I've determined, will only allow comments from invited members (i.e., my students), something I'm not about to do with this more public site.   So, Enetation it shall remain, bumps and grinds and stalls and all.   The last thing I want to be doing is deleting ads for Cialis and Hold'Em Poker every half hour. Besides, I'm sure none of you want the Not-So-Good Doc any grumpier than he usually is.   Right?   Right.

      It's nearly 9am and the Doc is listening to Robbie Robertson's Storyville, an album now eerily sad given what has happened in New Orleans.   Apparently, the Feds in the US have shipped down 25,000 body bags, which is a haunting statistic: usually they send more than twice as many body bags as they expect to need, generally, as they say, to err on the side of caution.   Which means the Feds are (implicitly) expecting at least 10,000 dead.   Ten thousand.  At least.   And even that probable underestimation would make the death toll thrice that of September 11th.   Staggering.

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