12 September 2005

Gnothi Se

      And Brian wonders why people think he's a malignant tumour in Canadian history.

      (Who knew someone could surpass Trudeau's arrogance?   There is, however, a difference: Trudeau had A REASON for being arrogant.   Brian Mul-Brigadoon-ey?   Methinks he's trying to be the Canuckistani Reagan, his sins forgot, that he might be marshalled for greatness.   Gawd, gawd, gawd, let him go the way of Arthur Meighen.)

      Riddle me this Batmans:   How many people will do anything more than shrug when Mulroney (Gawd forbid) shuffles off this mortal coil?   If you guess more than ten, you must be using the same mathematical skills that governed Canada's finance ministry for so long.

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