12 September 2005

Puhleeze, Academy II: Trackin' Braining

      Saturday's Guardian features an intriguing excerpt from Elaine Showalter's new book Faculty Towers: The Academic Novel and Its Discontents, the title of which seems only a pair of dicritical marks away from something worthy of John Cleese.   (Note the Freudian suggestion in the title, too.)   The article's a good read, and it makes me look forward to getting my mitts on a copy of Showalter's full text, although I should say-- assuring some of you, perhaps disappointing others-- that the Not-So-Good Doctor has never once felt the desire to write about his experiences at his own Eyesore U.   If he did, however, it'd probably have to be titled How To Succeed In Listlessness Without Really Trying.   Twaddlemarch, I fear, would be just a bit too on the nose.

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