02 September 2005

Frankly, My Dears....

      Okay, this is a result I had not expected (note the hilarious italicized section, which is, of course, my own emphasis):

Which Leading Man Are You?

Clark Gable

You scored 23% Tough, 28% Roguish, 33% Friendly, and 14% Charming!

You're a pretty interesting guy, all man but approachable and friendly. You like the lovely ladies, but you're also a real stand up guy with a true sense of honor and duty. You're respected by most men, although they probably wouldn't trust you alone with their girlfriends and even wives. Women find you intriguing, drawn to your playful sense of fun and true-blue core. You think most women are rather silly, but strong dames with smarts really turn you on, and you tend to marry them. Leading ladies include Claudette Colbert and Vivien Leigh, women who find you somewhat charming but a little dangerous.
I love the "roguish" assessment. Can I put that on my c.v.?   "And you tend to marry them," however, is a horrifying suggestion.

         Ladies, you might want to take the Leading Ladies Test.   If any of you end up with Claudette Colbert or Vivien Leigh, let me know....     (Then again, Gable did do The Misfits with Hollywood's favourite bicycle, so remember: there's lots of room for variety.)

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