09 August 2005

It Betokeneth Discord

      Oh, the irony....   Wordsmith's Word of the Day pour aujourd'hui is chapfallen. Definition, for those not already in the know:

chapfallen or chopfallen (CHAP-faw-luhn, chop-) adjective

      Dejected or dispirited.    [From chap or chop (jaw) + fallen.]

"Jon Bon Jovi, the New Jersey rock 'n' roller, says he's chapfallen and desolate over rumors that his band is about to break up."    Chris Reidy; Bon Jovi's Funk; Boston Globe; Aug 7, 1990.
Nice usage there, even if JBJ would be more fittingly described as "crapfallen." "Chapfallen" sounds more appropriate as an assessment of drunkenness to me, though.   Either way, dulce et decorum est....

      (And "clapfallen?" That's reserved for Tommy Lee.)

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