22 July 2005

On Buster's Cookiedusters

      Dave Barry's blog provided me the link to these horrible haikus on-- of all subjects-- the neutering of Man's more rarely-unleashed Best Friend.   As you might well have predicted, this (pardon the phrase) threw this Old Dog a bone, to dig up these lines in his own effort.   This blog dares-- dares, double-dares, TRIPLE-DOG DARES!-- all of you to see if you can jump the hump and, er, come up with your own.    Added challenge: borrow from a famous writer, though we expect here at Doctor J's that Virginia Wo(o/l)f is most surely not a good idea in this regard.

by Maulin' Ginsburg

I saw the best parts
Of my miscegenation
Carved off, eunuchal,

Slakèd, dragged themselves
Through the begroined streets
At dawn, taken for
Angry fucks, beagle-whetted
Connipsters, yearning for an
Unctious, skanky scent,

Cravenly c'nncted
To those furry dynamos,
Chien-eries of night....

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