22 July 2005

Call Me Up In Dreamland

      For those few of you reading this blog that may actually care, a recent interview with Van The Man sent a chill down my spine with these paragraphs:

"I'm never really making one record. I decide what to put out from a pool of a lot of tracks."

At the deep end of that pool are long-dormant recordings Morrison hopes to compile into a series called The Unreleased Masters.

"It's an ongoing project that I work on when I get the time," he says. "It's too early to say, but we might get one out in October, some stuff from the early '70s. A lot of the stuff I've forgotten about. I actually don't remember doing it because there was a lot happening and these weren't the mainline records that came out. So it's very exciting for me. It's fresh and new because I haven't heard it in so long."
Most of us that are fans of The Man were thrilled with the release of the double-disc The Philosopher's Stone several years ago, with all its wonderful recovered material.   One shudders to imagine how much material remains unperformed or unreleased, especially given how much has, in fact, seen the light of day over the past two decades in one form or another.   These promised Unreleased Masters could prove to be astonishing in the same ways that TPS and Dylan's The Basement Tapes were, so for once this blog has occasion to be genuinely excited.   Further, one stops to fathom how much material might remain, given Morrison's already impressive canon of almost forty albums in forty years.   Remember the days when artists were prolific rather than marketing constructs?    This series could be staggering reminder at the very least.

      BTW: There are also many whisperings and hints of a similar set of unreleased songs by Ray Charles, but given the difficulties of locating and archiving such material could prove more wishful thinking than tangible possibility.   One haws to imagine, however, if twenty years down the road anyone will bother to look for-- let alone care about-- Britney: The Lost Tapes.    Methinks not.

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