23 July 2005

Blowin' In The Wind

      For those of you interested, this article just wants your extra time and your (chigga chigga chigga chigga chig) kiss.    Mwah!   

      (And strangely enough, there isn't even a single paragraph devoted to inappropriate lip-locking in public drinking establishments.    Tsk, tsk, tsk....)

      It's worth adding that were I teaching Shakespeare or some other pre-modern subject, I'd be inclined to reproduce this article for my students just to dispel some students of the tendency to read all kisses and references to kissing as always-already erotic.    It might help to untangle some of the silliness one so often confronts in teaching, say, Twelfth Night or The Merchant of Venice.    And definitely the outright stupidity that sometimes comes from those reading Alyosha's tale of the Grand Inquisitor in The Brothers Karamazov.    Gawd save me from the erotomaniacal criticism that seems to have been born of Iago's leering and Puck's mischief-making.

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