07 June 2007

Words To Die By

Finally, I think I have found the perfect words for my tombstone, courtesy an old episode of Frasier:
Thank you for your support, ladies, even if it was nakedly self-serving and insincere.
Could there be a better epitaph for the Not-So-Good Doctor? Now how do I incorporate the wry smile before I exit stage left?

(The best suggested epitaph will always belong, however, to Peter Ustinov: he demanded "Keep Off The Grass!")

FOLLOW-UP: Yes, there's an irony to me posting this as I knot my guts with inexplicable worry for a particular young lass. I do it, though, because she'd appreciate the macabre and half-ironic cheek. And she'd be mighty fucken pissed if I ever got totally sincere. ;-)

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