24 June 2007

The Trickiest Dick

Well, it's only a little late-- how many years and lives since?-- but the Washington Post has issued the first of a four part series examining the machinations of Dick ("Go fuck yourself") Cheney.  Very little of it will surprise, I'm sure, but some of the details and the manipulations are downright eerie.  And, I tarry to say, not a little reminiscent of Angela Lansbury in The Manchurian Candidate. 

Footnote:  The more I learn about the inner working of the ChainGang, the more I find sympathy, partial and otherwise, for figures like Ashcroft, Rumsfeld and even the President himself.  They seem more and more like characters from a French farce stuck in a geopolitical version of Othello.  The hapless Desdemona, of course, is played by the American constitution. 


j said...

just guessing, rice as emilia, ashcroft as roderigo and cheney as iago, but don't quite see rumsfeld as some cassio. bush as othello probably insults othello as a character and some "brothers" are gonna have problems seeing othy as some whiter than white boy?!

do you really wonder why the us hasn't actively prosecuted japanese war crimes in asia, after all they are gaining inspiration from japanese tactics in WWII - waterboarding sounds like a variation on water torture tactics employed by the japanese in those dark days.

but frankly, there's at least some difficulty seeing bush as some misguided clown , doing nothing or turning a blind eye merits at least a silent accomplice charge. as for cheney, mebbe he's channelling mccartney on some cold war kgb/cia satellite, does he know the cold war's over? or has it simply been a smooth transition to terrorism going from the kgb/cia assassination manual to a torture manual? in some twisted way, guantanamo is at least better than those dark spots as bush refers to them , god knows what the cia and its "contractors" have been doing in dark spots, but seriously doubt they would be as conscience stricken as lady macbeth about those damn spots

j said...

arrghhh, sorry, just noticed that misspelled McCarthy as mccartney, and no, not a fan of the beatles, that might explain why...

cbeck said...

But at least us Americans have private* health care.

*and ability to argue on your death bed with personally selected insurance providers whether multiple severed limbs is in fact life threatening.