16 June 2007

Frags and Shards

Not much to report from these dull but summery quarters, but maybe a few things of interest:
  • In a move entirely too rare these days, Bytescout has shifted its blogging programme Post2Blog from pay-ware into freeware. It’s a flawed but basically solid editor, and one of its niftiest components-- conspicuously missing from heavier counterparts like Windows Live Writer-- is the automatic loading & storage of pictures on Flickr or ImageShack. If you’re running a blog, it’s worth checking out. Also includes emoticons & other neat little bits & pieces.

  • Finally saw Knocked Up, which, though clumsily made, is something of a pleasant surprise, and I was impressed by the script’s willingness to make all of its characters, at one point or another, deeply flawed in one form or another. And, well, let’s just say that there are a lot of moments in it that ring astonishingly familiar. Good on it. I’m a little perturbed by the ways in the which the American punditocracy is using the film as a reason to dredge up the ever-circular abortion debate, but as someone once observed, in American politics, everything is about abortion.

  • Those of you in Toronto for the next week with an interest in textile art might want to check out the Marie-Jose Danzon retrospective being held at the Gladstone Hotel until the 23rd. See here for a pair of samples.

  • Today being Father’s Day, you might want to read about this martyr bloke. He gives new meaning to the old saw about grinning & bearing it, especially since you know that he hasn’t seen the inside of his own bathroom in twenty years.
Have to spend the next bit going over medical reports as part of my current freelance work. Almost thinking I should start impressing business cards identifying myself as a "freelance language advisor." Off to it. Enjoy thy weekends all.

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