16 July 2007

Terry, Terry, Quite Contrary

After what had seemed to be some indications of cranial-glutimal extraction, Terry Eagleton has firmly burrowed his head right back between his buttocks.  One presumes he saw his shadow, so prepare for six more years of academic winter.

For a good response to Eagleton's whingeing piffle, see here, especially for this lovely little question: 

The very greatest writers among all these seem to be on the “bad” list. Is it possible that Professor Eagleton’s political views are simply not that attractive or intelligent?

Also, savour this older consideration of Eagleton's profligate vapidity.  This blog can't help but delight to this assessment:

Yet no one acquainted with the intellectual habits of academic Marxists will be surprised to discover that they are as unfazed by contemporary world events as they always have been by their own tartuffian buffonery.

Marxist literary critics of the world, Unite!  You have nothing to lose but your perpetually-victimized brains. 

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j said...

you're lucky you never saw the guy in actual lecture mode, let's just say "incoherent" and the fact was apparent - he was as unprepared for those lectures as the students were for tute

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