05 July 2007

Res Ipsa Loquitur


Anonymous said...

Greetings Dr. J,

I am a longtime reader of your blog, and piouslabours' blog. I really enjoy both, as they are quite informative.

Recently however, your blog has become very similar to that of piouslabours'. This is evidenced by you copying some of Piouslabours' blog titles.

Now, in the main, the gravitas of the situation might presume that you are plagirizing his blog. However, I am not one to falsely accuse someone, and would like to know why you have decided to copy Piouslabours' blog style?


Garth Dallas

Dr J said...

Hello Garth,

Title was a bit of a nod in PL's direction, but the phrase is older than most dirt. I don't really see how my blog has become similar to PL's; my style only changes with my whim, and I follow no one. (I'm too old & cranky to bother.) I'd be interested to hear PL's thoughts on this.

Glad you enjoy the blog. Always feel free to jump into the fray. :-)

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