17 December 2007

Now, Then and the Half-Poetic Shrug

It's all too tempting to use this space to rant about the insanity of things: the lunacy of trying to mark piles and piles of assignments in a fruitfly's lifetime, the impossible me-me-me-ness of (certain) students who think one has nothing to do but tend to them, the crests of snow that will surely bollix up the traffic in these parts for days; all too tempting to resort to the cyberspace equivalent of a primal scream only thinly-disguised as either a screed or a jeremiad. Let's just say that with the end of term, the dramatic entry of winter, and the drudgerous demands of the "holidays" (yeah, right...), there's just too damned much going on to begin whining. If I did, I'd never stop.

Unfortunately, I can't say I have much of interest to report. It looks like I'm going to have at least six courses come January, though I suspect at least two and maybe three of them will be smaller classes (he writes with fingers crossed, which, he assures you, is a feat in itself). As I understand it, there are even possibilities for more, not that I want them, but I guess the demand is there and I haven't entirely farked up my current lot of students (though a little bit is, in fact, required by law). It's a little surprising, really; I had been told to expect a decrease in workload. So much for that, I guess. I'm really looking forward to one of the courses, though; it should be fun.

And, I guess there's one other bit of "news," such as it is: I lost my hat. I'm not sure how I feel about that, as there are various connexions to it to incur something very near ambivalence, but that fedora had become, over too many years, something like a Dr J trademark with so many of its indicative, and sometimes ironic, characteristics. But it's gone now, almost certainly for good, and I can't help but wonder if that marks the end—or the beginning—of an age. Times, like old loves and former selves, pass away into accident and circumstance, for good or for ill, and it's too easy, like complaining, to fuss too much about them. Best, I think, just to shrug them all away. And yet, maybe that's a problem for all of us, how easily we shrug things all away. After all, those easy answers, they're so tempting, aren't they? Because all of life's sensible answers, right or wrong, are always too temptingly easy, or too easily tempting, by half.


Zelda said...

I can't believe you lost your hat! How the hell did that happen?

Pious Labours said...

Good to see you're still kickin and keeping busy.

Don't get ME started on the holidays and all this snow. UGH!

teaching anything different next term or just more sections of essay writing? I kinda enjoyed TAing it this term, but that's mostly because the prof was very good/cool.

Queenie said...

ME ME ME ME ME needs help with that essay writing.


RK said...

What your faithful readers need to know, Doctor, is HOW you lost the fedora. Many possibilities spring to mind, some written by the ghost of Raymond Chandler, others by the unquiet spectre of Henry James, and others still by the manic twiching hand of Ezra Pound. you know how it is. If you want the public to stop guessing luridly, you need to promulgate a narrative. We don't mind if it's mendacious, but we do want a story. So there.