27 November 2007

Another Fry Up

So you can share my addiction: herewith the YouTube links for the most recent episode of QI:  part one, part two and part three.  It's a pip.  If you don't end up hooked on the show, you're a stronger soul than I.  (Careful, NSFW due to bits of naughty language.)

Also, finally picked up Fry's The Stars' Tennis Balls, which I had been trying to locate for some time.  You have to love his bio from it: 

Stephen Fry was born in the twentieth century and will die in the twenty-first.  In the course of writing six books he has drunk four hundred and twelve thousand cups of coffee, smoked one a half million cigarettes and worn out nineteen pairs of trousers.  He has no birth sign.

The novel's a variation on The Count of Monte Cristo, though its title is torn from Webster's The Duchess of Malfi.  Can't wait until I can actually take the time to read it. 


Pious Labours said...

I'd heard of QI but never saw it. Thanks for posting that. A bit slow to begin, but very amusing.

Jimmy Carr is helluva lot funnier than I thought.

j said...

which part of malfi? shattered glass?
if you like dumas, try the anime version - psychedelic update but it's closer to the spirit of dumas's cristo than film versions. think they actually have a english translation of the japanese anime.

stephen fry's always amusing in a very english way, whether that's a compliment, well depends on who the listener is?