01 September 2007

Under The Fold

Subtext?  SUBTEXT?!?!  We don't need no stinkin' subtext.... 

(Key quote:  "This is hurting...."  Indeed.)


sylvia said...

The world is a weird place.

Item: her bra is too small for her; it looks incredibly uncomfortable.

Item: how can she do anything with those bizarrely enormous fingernails?

Item: it's true, it doesn't work. But it's not a particularly fun party game, unless you happen to have on hand sheets of paper of the size used for a sheet-fed printing press (which are folded 6 times to make a 64-page signature to be glued or stitched into a

Item: I'm so glad I don't have enormous gazungas. My back got sore just watching that!

Dr J said...

LOL, Syl. As a female friend once said to me, "enormous gazungas aren't all they're cleaved out to be." ;-)

cbeck said...

There was subtext?