01 September 2007

God Help Us All

Just when you thought television couldn't get any worse....  At least it won't feature Ben Mulroney.


Queenie said...

I have a feeling the children will not like him.
The should have asked Steven Page


Dr J said...

I dunno: I like Colin a lot, but he's someone best released like a fox in a henhouse, not as the master of ceremonies. I know, however, that a LOT of kids adore Colin.

sylvia said...

I like Colin Mochrie very much. But I've seen the American version of that show, and it's beyond embarrassing -- I was already shouting invective at the idiot contestants halfway through the first round. I'm not going to watch the Canadian version just because it's got Colin Mochrie in it instead of Jeff Foxworthy.

Also: when is someone going to notice that nobody in Canada says "fifth grade" or "fifth grader"?

j said...

hmm , another reminder of how stupid I feel. frankly, doesn't anyone start to wonder what happened to the SAT , mebbe this is the innovation that american educational authorities have been promising and finally come up with .