27 August 2007

Brief Update

Hard as it is to believe, the NSG Doc has finally caught up with the times.  Well, kinda.  I'm writing this entry from my long-wanted but only recently-acquired laptop.  It's a neat little system, with a great display and a nifty design.  It is, however, causing me to install all the programmes I use on a regular basis, and I'm having to deal with the various frustrations caused by Microsoft Vista.  I can certainly see why people aren't enamored with it.  It's slow, bloated and irksome, especially when it nags you about every single task you attempt.  I'd remove it, but something tells me that'd be more hassle than it'd be worth.  Otherwise, though, I love the new system and I can only imagine how much commuting time won't be going to waste anymore. 

BTW, thanks to those of you who sent kind wishes regarding yesterday.  They were much appreciated.  Perhaps more later.  Cheers.

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