29 October 2006

Think Of The Children!

    Then again, maybe the kids should start thinking for the adults, more and more of whom are well and truly going mad with coddling.· This prissy Cult Of The Child nonsense has simply got to stop.  Hell, when I was a kid--- Gawd, did I just write that?--- I used to play lawn darts (now illegal in most places), ride vehicles and inner-tubes into rivers, and, yes, I played tag despite its legendary dangerousness.  I even got hit in the head with a horseshoe, and it didn't do me any effasdfwethioasdgasking damage.  (My damage was done the old-fashioned way, by whisky and wimmin.  In other words, as John Houseman used to say, I earrrrrrrned it.   )   What's next from these hyper-paranoid morons, banning Simon Says because it encourages conformity?
    Post-Script:  Oh, wait; "the encouragement of conformity" was one of the reasons a lot of school boards ceased teaching grammar and spelling.  And what a wonderful world of good that has done us....

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