08 October 2006

Eminem Domain

    ~~His job is (what?), his job is (what?)....~~  (Darwin forgive me; I never thought I'd make an Eminem reference, either.)

    It takes Stewart a bit to gather his momentum, but once he does he's an impish riot of ridicule.  You have to love the look on Stewart's face when he reaches yet another of those classic tautologies that suggest the President is, in fact, a Lewis Carroll character, or at least a Monty Python creation (is this what happens when we're asked for a Shrubbery?).  This piece demonstrates why some of us regard Mr Stewart as the President's most consistently effective critic; his subject is almost inevitably logic, and it's the one thing he can never find.  I wonder why.  BTW, check out, too, Stewart's interview with David Rakoff from the same episode. 

    Searching for the clip above, though, I came across the Google Video for Stewart's speech immediately following September 11th.  I think it's now safe to say that what he said was eminently more profound than anything the President ever said.  When satirists stoop to sincerity and manage still to outclass the lofty and the important, we're in sad, sad state indeed.

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