05 September 2006

Office Space

    Not much of an update, good readers, as the NSG Doc has been reordering his bedroom/office (more the latter than the former).  The task probably does not sound like much, but in fact it took the better part of two days worth of work:  reordering books, rewiring devices, moving furniture within a very cramped space, and cleaning, cleaning, cleaning (though it likely doesn't seem it).  For the first time in years, there is something called floor-space.  I didn't think such a thing could exist.  Those of you with large libraries should appreciate why this is an accomplishment of Johnsonian proportions--- or why I think it is.
    (Photo, by the way, only hints at the number of books.  Beyond those stored on walls not within the camera's ken, there are others stacked and double-stacked upon one another, and yet more hidden away in tiny crannies like bottles in an alcoholic's house.)
    So for now, there is order, or an idea of it at least.  And I'm exhausted.  Relaxing with a few lagers and savouring for the first time having my desk at a window, such as it is.  Jenny, obviously, is already past mere relaxing. 
    A strange question came to me today as I was sorting through those nefarious books: why didn't I go into Renaissance all those years ago?  In retrospect, I should have, I really should have. 

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