07 September 2006

The Little Things

Modern Times cover    Enjoying what remains of my tranquil time, the NSG Doc has been catching up on his culture.  For a dreaded recent event, a friend enabled me to pick up Bob Dylan's latest album Modern Times, along with the Johnny Cash Legend of... CD.  The Dylan has been described as his best album since the seventies, and the Cash anthology has inexplicably been some time in the getting.  Then last night decided to screen some of the film pap I've missed in not-so-modern times, including Red Eye, Ocean's Twelve and The Island.  Last looks atrocious, but who can refuse a study in Scarlett?  Not I.  Have also been perusing Leonard Cohen's much-anticipated The Book of Longing, which is a staggering disappointment.  A volume twenty-five or so years in the making that yields so little?  It's embarrassing, really.  Maybe I'll write more on it later, but it hardly seems to warrant the effort.
Trouble, on the spines of giants     Also, the cats have discovered that they can now access a window they previously could not.  They are, predictably, amused by this.  At right (click on the thumbnail for a larger version): Trouble discovering a brand new perch and demonstrating his typical impatience for the camera.  (His tail would have to be pointing at Carroll, wouldn't it?)   Bibliophiles among you might enjoy playing spot-the-book. 
    Today is one of those warm and sunny September days that remind me how few warm and sunny days remain before autumn sets in.  Just nice to be able to let the air in and take it easy as I trundle through all of the mundane tasks that need doing.  It's all surprisingly soothing.  The calm before the storm, I gather.  Who says cynics can't appreciate the little things?

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