16 July 2006

Held Up To The Light

    This blog neglected to note earlier this week the passing of the American comedian Red Buttons.  Alas, no word on whether or not he was subjected to Poseidon immediately prior. 

    A FEW DAYS LATER:   Why does it always seem that character actors are on an ever-thinning endangered species list? The latest passing is that of Jack Warden, who died at 85 earlier this week. For all of his fine films--- From Here to Eternity, Twelve Angry Men, The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz, Brian's Song, Being There, All The President's Men, Heaven Can Wait, The Verdict, Bulworth-- he'll, sadly, probably only be familiar to younger viewers as the angry grandfather in the abominable Problem Child movies. (Oy vey.) But Harry Fox, from the TV series Crazy Like A Fox in the mid 80s, was a wonderful comic creation. Sad news, really.

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