12 June 2006

The Kid Stays Out Of The Picture

    As many of you know, I am generally not disposed to post pictures of my gangly and dissheveled self here or anywhere.  Hell, most people know better than even to try to snap a shot in my general direction for fear of me going Sean Penn on their asses.  Okay, not really-- they're more likely to end up with brown-haired blurs with a single hand where a head should be, but that's usually because I don't have something blunt and heavy to hurl at the offending photographer.  Even at family gatherings, I've pretty much mastered the "vanish-into-the-woodwork" manoeuvre so I don't even get guilted into pictures; I avoid cameras like my cats avoid the vacuum cleaner, emerging only whem I'm bloody-sure the coast is clear.  I think I've managed to keep the number of pictures taken of me in the past several years to less than a dozen, which is still too many by half.  Maybe one day I'll even be able to pull off Keyser Soze's greatest trick, of convincing the world that I didn't exist.  Now that'd be sweet....
    All that said, going through some old stuff the other day, I discovered a picture that will probably elicit a few titters and giggles.  (Probably? Who am I kidding? Surely.)   Taken what now seems a hundred-million years ago, I kinda like it if only because, presciently, I seem in it to be merging into the background.  It's also probably one of the last shots of me in which I am NOT rolling my eyes or issuing a smirk that says, in no uncertain terms, "Okay, just get the fucking thing over with."   So, do you want to see the Not-So-Good Doctor in an innocent and decidedly uncyncial form?  Brace yourselves--- and be forewarned that comments including the word "Awwwww" will be grounds for an appropriate pummelling--- before  clicking on this itty-bitty link Right Here.  And remember: You Have Been Warned.  Now go and get your laughter on.     

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