16 June 2006

Finnegan Begin Again

Mr Dressup     Alas, one supposes it was just a matter of time, but the CBC has decided to cease airing Mr. Dressup.  Sure, the show had been in reruns for more than a decade, but there was something innocently iconic about it that losing it entirely should be cause for some wistfulness. Those of you not familiar with the show (i.e., non- Canadians) might find this helpful.
     Aside:  I remember where I was when I learnt of Ernie Coombs' passing in 2001: I was in a now-defunct bar, working on a pint, when the news flashed on the TV in the background.  Everyone in the bar looked sorrowfully to the screen before all of their, our, faces fell slightly.  We all then raised our glasses in a silent toast.  Ironically, I was by far the youngest person there at the time, and probably the only one who had actually "grown up" (that issue remains very much in doubt) with the show.  Says something, methinks, of the esteem in which parents and grown-up kids held him.

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