28 May 2006

La Merde D'Arthur

      Earlier, this blog was quite harsh unto the Pittiable Troy. It would now like to temper that judgment, having now seen Antoine (née Mutha) Fuqua's King Arthur. Troy is, in retrospect, an earnest and blindingly-brilliant film, studded with astoundingly tolerable performances and action-sequences that extend daringly upon the six-second shots straight out of a cinematically-cacophonous music video.   Oh, and dare I forget that Clive Owen has helped me to understand that Brad Pitt may well be the super-buffed Alec Guinness of his generation?   Could The Brad play Fagin next?   I'm suddenly a-drool in anticipation.

      FOLLOW-UP: Mr Owen, it seems, has been cast to play Sir Walter Raleigh in the sequel to Elizabeth tentatively titled Elizabeth: The Golden Age. Reason enough perhaps to send Mr Owen back to Coventry? (RK will know what I mean.) Today to spend watching Elizabeth again, followed by Al Pacino's The Merchant of Venice, the latter being cause for some trepidation on my part. One haws, after all, to see Scent of a Christian or Jewface: "Antonio! Say hello to my little friend!!! Hoo-waaah!!!"

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